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What Our Costumers Say About Us Fake ID Master

I went to the dark web and the process was so challenging to change my identity even when the vendor charged less. However, I am thankful for coming here. You guys successfully changed my identity.

Patrick Gilmartin

High-quality product fast response and easy communication.

Jeremiah Wallace

How much does the entire pack of your templates cost? They are of high resolutions and I can purchase all the packs even if it costs $10000 or more.

Miley Goodman

So happy when he smiled and told me “welcome to America!” Your replica is exact. Thank you so much fakeidndl.com

Micheal Crum

I can’t thank Fake ID Maker enough for providing me with a high-quality, realistic fake ID. As a college student, it has been extremely useful to have access to an ID that looks and feels authentic. Not only did they deliver on their promise of top-notch products, but their customer service is also exceptional. Any questions or concerns I had were quickly addressed, making the entire process stress-free and enjoyable. Thank you Fake ID Maker for being reliable and professional!

Larry Fold

 I so much appreciate the fact that everything was very confidential and discreet, though you promise to deliver in time but took 5 days…  No issues tho. I got a job using the driving license I got from you. 

Jessica DeSutter

I never thought getting a fake ID would be such a seamless and hassle-free process until I used Fake ID Maker. The quality of their IDs is unmatched and the service is exceptional. They made sure to understand my needs and preferences, resulting in an ID that looks 100% real. Thank you for providing such a reliable and efficient service!

Brendan Bray

I recently purchased a fake ID from Fake ID Maker and I am beyond impressed with the quality and attention to detail. It looks exactly like a real driver’s license, which is amazing. Not only that, but the customer service was top-notch. They answered all of my questions and made sure I was completely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you Fake ID Maker for providing such an excellent product!


I cannot thank Fake ID Maker enough for providing me with a high-quality fake ID. The customer service was exceptional and the end product looked so real, I couldn’t believe it! I have been able to use my new ID without any issues and it has made my social life so much easier. Thank you for your reliable service!


As an international student studying in the United States, getting a fake ID was essential for me to fully experience college life. I tried various websites and apps claiming to make high-quality fake IDs, but none of them compared to Fake ID Maker. The finished product looked so realistic that even bouncers at clubs were fooled! Thank you for providing such a reliable and trustworthy service.


I am beyond impressed with the quality of fake IDs provided by Fake ID Maker. As a college student, I was constantly worried about getting turned away at bars or clubs due to my underage status. But ever since using this service, I have had no issues and even some bartenders have complimented me on the realism of my ID. I highly recommend Fake ID Maker for anyone looking for a reliable and realistic fake ID.


I cannot recommend Fakeidndl.com enough! As a college student, it can be nerve-wracking trying to get into bars and clubs with a fake ID. However, ever since I started using Fake ID Maker’s services, I have had zero issues. The quality of their IDs is top-notch and many bartenders have even complimented me on how realistic they look. Thank you for providing such a reliable and trustworthy service!


I have been using Fakeidndl.com for my fake IDs and I could not be happier with the results. The IDs are of such high quality that even bouncers and bartenders have a hard time distinguishing them from real ones. This has made going out with friends so much more enjoyable without constantly worrying about getting rejected at the door. Thank you, Fake ID Maker!

Jake Thomas

I have to say, Fake ID Maker has exceeded my expectations. As a college student who loves going out with friends, getting turned away at bars and clubs was always a fear of mine. But ever since using this service, I have had no issues whatsoever! Not only are the IDs incredibly realistic and pass all security scans, but they also arrived quickly and discreetly packaged. Thank you for providing such a reliable and high-quality product!


So far, I have not placed my order, as I am still arranging my details for a fake ID and social security card. But the customer service is amazing. I’m hoping to place my order and get my products by next week, and if I do, I will be making a lot of purchases with Fake ID Master. So fingers crossed, I will post next week my next comment to make others like me get an honest review.


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