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After about 5 year of research into the genius work on the United States Passport our team has finally crack the secrets and can make a perfect US Fake Passport with quality that can guarantee your movement to anywhere around the globe . Here are some key features to help you recognize a real U.S. passport:

1. Watermark:

  • A U.S. passport typically contains a watermark, often showcasing a subtle image of the American eagle or other patriotic symbols. Tilt the passport to observe this watermark.

2. Holographic Images:

  • U.S. passports may have holographic images, such as the passport holder’s photo, the U.S. Department of State seal, or the passport symbol. These images should change appearance when tilted.

3. Raised Printing:

  • Genuine U.S. passports have elements with raised printing that you can feel when you run your fingers over them. This tactile feature adds an extra layer of security.

4. UV Light Test:

  • Shine a UV (ultraviolet) light on the passport. Some security features are only visible under UV light. Look for any hidden patterns, text, or images.

5. Biographical Information Page:

  • The biographical information page includes the passport holder’s photo, personal details, and passport number. Ensure that the photo matches the person presenting the passport.

6. Data Page Security Thread:

  • A thin, embedded security thread is visible in the data page of a genuine U.S. passport. Hold the page up to the light to see the thread running through it.

7. Passport Number and Barcodes:

  • Check that the passport number and barcodes on the passport match the data presented. Barcodes are used for electronic verification.

8. Passport Symbol:

  • Look for the U.S. passport symbol, often a gold or silver emblem on the front cover. It should be raised and reflective.

9. Consistent Design:

  • Ensure that the design elements, fonts, and text on the passport are consistent and of high quality. Any irregularities could be a sign of a counterfeit.

10. Seek Expert Verification:

  • If you have concerns about the authenticity of a U.S. passport, consider seeking expert verification. Reach out to the U.S. Department of State or the local authorities for assistance.

11. Passport Expiration Date:

  • Check the passport’s expiration date. An expired passport is not a valid form of identification.

It’s important to remember that possessing a fake or counterfeit passport is only good when you provide a good photo and signature when placing your order  .

US Fake Passport Order Package

If you order a full package which is a US fake passport , a fake driver license and a Social security card ( ssn card ) , we consider that as a full package and only charge $800 delivery included .


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