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District of Columbia Fake Driver License (Washington)


Unlock your freedom on the roads of Washington DC with our exceptional District of Columbia Fake Driver License! Crafted to perfection, this authentic-looking identification ensures you’ll blend seamlessly into the bustling city, confidently conquering every adventure. With impeccable attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to quality, trust in our state-of-the-art replicas that effortlessly mirror the official card. Take charge today and embrace a world of possibilities with your very own District of Columbia Fake Driver License!

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District of Columbia Fake Driver License (Washington)

Here are the key characteristics of a District of Columbia (D.C.) driver’s license:

  1. Personal Information: Your D.C. driver’s license includes personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, gender, and residential address.
  2. Photograph: A clear photograph of the license holder is prominently displayed on the front of the license for identification purposes.
  3. Driver’s License Number: Each license has a unique identification number for record-keeping and verification.
  4. Issue and Expiry Dates: The license indicates the date it was issued and its expiration date, typically every eight years for adults and every five years for minors.
  5. Class of License: D.C. driver’s licenses come in different classes, with Class D being the most common for non-commercial drivers, while various classes exist for commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) for different vehicle types.
  6. Endorsements: Depending on the type of license, endorsements may be added to allow you to operate specific vehicles, such as motorcycles or commercial vehicles.
  7. Restrictions: Some licenses may have restrictions, especially for new drivers. These restrictions may include limits on driving hours, passengers, or other conditions.
  8. Organ Donor Status: The license allows you to indicate your organ donor status, specifying whether you are willing to donate your organs in the event of a tragic incident.
  9. Security Features: D.C. driver’s licenses incorporate various security features, such as holograms, UV ink, and intricate designs, to prevent counterfeiting and enhance security.
  10. QR Code: Modern D.C. driver’s licenses may include a QR code that can be scanned for quick access to your driving record.
  11. Backside Information: The back of the license may include additional information, such as your blood type and emergency contact details.
  12. REAL ID Compliant: Many D.C. driver’s licenses are compliant with the REAL ID Act, which is a federal standard for identification. A gold or black star on the license indicates REAL ID compliance.
  13. Renewal Requirements: D.C. driver’s licenses typically need to be renewed in person, with the renewal period varying based on the type of license and your age.
  14. Address Update: It’s essential to update your license with any change of address to ensure it remains accurate.

Washington District of Columbia fake ID

This Washington DC fake ID is made of polycarbonate and features cardholder data wave text and tactile text you can feel. There are waveline microprints and rainbow printing.

Cardholder ghost window images were laser printed on both sides and raised with clear vertical dates of birth.

The ultraviolet ink design on the front of the card consists of text DC and is repeated over the cardholder’s main image. In addition, a fine-line microprint, the District Of Columbia repeated, and the text “A3”. The backside of the driver’s license ultraviolet is of a pattern of stars and DC repeated.

Cardholder signatures and 2D barcodes can be scanned on the backside.



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