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Fake Minnesota Driver License 

On the Front of Fake Minnesota Driver License

  • The upper left corner of the Minnesota fake driver’s license features the letter “m,” with a small part of the letter “n” extending from it. The letter “m” is blue, and the letter “n” is green, representing the abbreviation for Minnesota.
  •  The background of the Minnesota ID consists of red pines, a river, and a person paddling a boat on a lake in Minnesota. Minnesota is indeed well-deservedly known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Notably, the river is composed of a large amount of microtext, while the forest is presented using a gradient effect.
  •  To the right of the Driver photo is the wording “North Star State” along with a yellow lady slipper and the iconic Minnesota red pine tree.
  •  The bottom right corner of the card features a black and white ghost image on a translucent gray background. On the left side of the ghost image is a raised birth date.
  •  Laser perforation (embossed design): The front of the card features a cornea leukoma fish, and the shape of the fish can only be seen clearly when the card is placed under a white light.

On the Back of Fake Minnesota Driver License

  • Digitized card with magnetic stripe, 1D and 2D barcodes on back. Fully compatible with bar readers & swipe scanners.

Security Feature of Fake Minnesota Driver License Card 

The front side of the driver’s license features a UV print of Minnesota Driver card, along with a large spiral that spans the entire card and the state seal. The state is depicted with a series of lines, and the state seal is positioned between the state map and the spiral.

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