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Wisconsin Fake Driver License

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Wisconsin Fake Driver License

Wisconsin Fake Driver License

A Wisconsin fake driver’s license may possess several characteristics that can help identify its authenticity. However, it is crucial to note that promoting or using counterfeit identification is illegal and unethical.

1. Quality of materials: Genuine Wisconsin ID cards are typically made from high-quality materials such as PVC plastic, making them durable and slightly rigid. Counterfeit licenses may often feel flimsy or have a different texture.

2. Holographic elements: Authentic Wisconsin driver’s licenses include various holographic features like the state outline, DOT logo, or Wisconsin coat of arms subtly embedded within the design. These holograms should change color when tilted under light sources.

3. Microprinting: Look closely at the card for tiny text printed with high precision in various locations throughout the document, including near images and lines on both sides of the license. Counterfeit versions might lack this level of detail or exhibit blurred micro print.

4. Special features under UV light: When illuminated by ultraviolet (UV) light sources, genuine Wisconsin IDs reveal hidden security elements like ghost images, patterns, or text that become visible thanks to special inks used during printing. Fake IDs may not display these discreet UV markings correctly.

5. Clear photo reproduction: Authentic identification documents usually feature clear photographs with sharp imaging and well-defined facial details against a plain background. In contrast, counterfeit IDs tend to suffer from poor image quality due to lower printing capabilities.

6. Standardized typography: The fonts utilized on official Wisconsin driver’s licenses adhere to specific standards set by law enforcement agencies for consistency across all issued cards statewide—counterfeits might miss this attention to detail and display noticeable variations in font size or style.

7. QR codes and barcodes: Legitimate licenses incorporate QR codes or barcodes that contain encoded information about the holder securely linked with government databases for verification purposes if scanned electronically at certain establishments. These dynamic data points would be challenging for fake IDs’ creators to reproduce accurately.

8. Authentic holographic state seal: Look for a holographic state seal on the license, as Wisconsin ID cards often incorporate this feature as an added security measure. Counterfeit licenses may lack or inaccurately replicate this vital detail.

Buy Fake Wisconsin Driver License

Design – We use the newest template, as used by the DMV in 2019, to make our Wisconsin IDs.

Printing – The bendable polycarbonate

Graphical Features:

  • The illustration of the “STATE CAPITOL” and, “WISCONSIN FLAG” with a laser engraving technique
  • The Maple leaves and wheat crop icons.

ID Card Functions:

  • Overlapping Data – The signature overlaps the photo.
  • Wave Feature – DOB and license holder initials in a curved shape along with the mini-portrait.
  • Laser Engraving Tactile Data – Certain credentials of the cardholder such as the signature, name and other data.
  • Drop Test – It passes the drop-test by making a solid sound.
  • Real ID – It is real id compliant.
  • Inverted Ghost Photo Window – It comes on the back.
  • Multiple Data Placements – The DOB prints on the back of the license as well.
  • Guilloche printing on the back.

Ultraviolet Elements:

This license has multiple ultraviolet elements.

  • State Outline – It makes the map of the “WI” illustration in UV ink on the front.
  • Department of Transportation – The Wisconsin DOT monogram.
  • Ghost Image on the front – Duplicate mini-portrait of the cardholder in sensitive ink.
  • Complex patterns in invisible inks become visible under Blacklight.
  • The back comes with the “STATE SEAL” and photo in UV.

Does it Scan?

  • Yes, 1D and 2D barcodes. The later comes with encoded demographic information of the license holder.

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